Sabina Berariu

‘My personal experiences have led me to view education as a process of empowerment and self-development. As a tutor, I develop strategies to overcome learner’s fears and encourage students to become creative and design their own education path. I aim to make their journey exciting, challenging and creative. I want students to discover how purposeful and practical STEM disciplines really are in our daily lives.’

Sabina Berariu

Sabina is studying for a postgraduate degree in Architecture at UCL. In addition to her studies, she is currently working at the award-winning International Architecture and Design Practice Scott Brownrigg, focusing on design, technological, sustainability, economical and sociological factors that impact on the built environment. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, with a Distinction, from the Portsmouth School of Architecture. Sabina is the recipient of the Royal Institute of British Architects Overall Student Prize 2014, and prizes for outstanding design work.