From the simplest tasks to high-level mathematics used in quantitative and high technology areas, maths is an integral part of our lives. Many students find the subject daunting, and let’s face it, it can be. But being proficient in maths will vastly improve your child’s competitive advantage in today’s higher education and job market.

Very often the problem with math is not whether the student has a natural aptitude towards it but that he/she missed something in class, losing track of the topic and confidence in the subject matter. Our tutors will work on the areas that need improvement and simplify complex formulas and topics.

It’s worth remembering that maths does not have to be a chore or boring. In fact there are many wonderful and fun applications for maths, as this inspiring TED talk shows.

Our approved maths tutors

A specialist subject tutor is a gift you can give a child that will last their whole life.