Meet our tutors

STEM London Tutors employs some of the capital’s finest tutors in sciences and mathematics. Each one has been recruited from a leading academic institution and personally approved by our founder, Alexandra Doroshenko. All are DBS checked, have a detailed knowledge of the National Curriculum and are accustomed to working with children and young people.

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Alexandra Doroshenko, Founder of STEM London Tutors

“I know from personal experience that the moment a child understands a seemingly-complex formula or concept, when s/he no longer struggles with an exam paper, that is the moment of breakthrough. It is such a boost to a child’s confidence. This is when all the hard work pays off.”

How we work

Your chosen tutor will begin by assessing your child’s understanding of the subject and identifying which areas are proving challenging to them. Over the course of this session, and subsequent sessions, they will offer gentle support and encouragement to help your child to develop a deeper understanding and greater confidence in the subject.

Our tutors use a range of creative approaches, such as visualisation, to overcome any mental blocks that the child may have developed around the subject. They illustrate their teaching with real-life examples to help children cement their understanding.

Good rapport between the tutor and the child is crucial and all of our tutors will work to build a positive and supportive relationship with your child. STEM London Tutors is results-driven and goal-orientated. Our tutors will regularly assess your child’s progress and, if necessary, refine their approach so it best meets the needs of the individual child on an ongoing basis.

Parents will be asked to give their feedback on a regular basis. We value your input and aim to work collaboratively with you to achieve the best for your child.

Choosing your tutor

Please take a look at their personal profiles, which detail their specialist subject/s, qualifications, previous experience and the age of students they work with. Once you have identified who you might like to work with, please contact us and, if required, we can arrange for you to have a telephone conversation to ask whatever questions you may have.  Alternatively, you can go ahead and book your first tutorial session with us by submitting the form on our Contact Us page.

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