Age groups

The needs of 13+ students are vastly different from students at A and AS level. STEM London Tutors has approved tutors for each different age range, so you can find exactly the right tutor for your child.

13+/common entrance

The 13+/ Common Entrance exams determine the choice of school that will start you child on the road to GCSEs, and further A-levels. Exam papers are set by the Independent Schools Examination Board (IESB). In addition, top independent schools have their own tests to ensure the selection of top candidates. These exams test on a variety of subjects. Maths, English and Sciences are mandatory.

STEM London Tutors provides personalised tuition for Maths and Sciences. One-on-one sessions will be tailored to your child’s needs and focused on challenging areas of the syllabus as well as on exam technique and time management.


(General Certificate of Secondary Education) Exams

School children prepare for these exams at the age of 14-16 and choose the subjects that will have a lasting impact on their future education. The exam encompasses a wide variety of subjects. At STEM London Tutors we offer focused Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology GCSE tuition by revising and working through past papers and teaching various exam techniques and time management skills so students can achieve top mark in these important tests.

AS / A levels

The choice of subjects for these exams are the some of the most crucial as they will determine higher educational and career development. Our tutors will help your child prepare by addressing potential areas of weakness, working through past papers prepared by main exam boards (Edexcel, AQA and OCR) and further developing and improving exam techniques.