STEM London Tutors

STEM London Tutors has been created by Alexandra Doroshenko. Having used a tutor herself when she was at school, she knows how a child’s understanding of a subject can be transformed with the support of a bright and patient tutor.

Alexandra now wants to inspire other young minds and help children and young people to discover the confidence and self-belief that comes from overcoming blocks to learning.

STEM London Tutors is a hand-picked selection of some of the brightest and best tutors in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. They work with children and young people to help them not just to pass exams but to get a thorough grip on these crucial subjects that will last throughout their lives.

Alexandra Doroshenko, founder of STEM London Tutors

Sometimes, the reason children struggle with maths or science is that they may have missed something important in class and lost their confidence. A good and patient tutor can help them to overcome their difficulties and make complex concepts easy and self-explanatory. That is what we’re offering at STEM London Tutors. In one-to-one sessions, there is none of the peer pressure that the child may experience in class. Children quickly discover that it is okay to make mistakes, and that they will not be judged or criticised.”

The right tutor can inspire and encourage the child